Sunday, July 29, 2012

Birds of Prey Class

This is a shot from yesterday's Birds of Prey Class at the Royal Gauntlet in Coweta.  In the heat, did I mention that it was hot!  Roger and Rich set up a softbox and with camera flashes so we could all practice taking these kinds of photos.  

Had a lot of fun, then we went to Las Fuentes restaurant in the mall where they brought out a new specialty item that they wanted us to sample.  Wish I new how to spell in Spanish because I'd like everyone to try this new dish out, it was really good!  

Then we spent the afternoon in the COOL classroom reviewing our photos from the mornings photo shoot.  Wish you all could of been there for that, wow, that was eye opening to here Roger and Rich critique our photos live and in person.

We'll have another class in September or October after it's had a chance to cool down, date to be announced.  It's not too hot for the birds, but it sure is for the humans!

Wish they could have hosed us down, that sure looked good to us at the time!  The heat didn't stop us though, Carol Rice shot over 900 photos in a 2 hour time frame.  A brand new member Vania, came and joined us, she hasn't even had a chance to come to a monthly meeting yet. 

Once again we found out who the star of the show is, that's right, Val, she flew some retrieving flights for us. When it was my turn she flew up to the power line and then off to the trees, oh well, I'll get another chance some day.

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